Practice Areas

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Aviation Law

The Firm has sought to expand its practice to the areas of aviation law practice as well as maritime and related matters. We represent clients in litigation briefs arising out of Kenyan Aviation law and other international charters and protocols. We also offer drafting services relating to charter Leases and Agreements as well as advising on the appraisal and sale of vessels.

Competition Law

The Firm delivers an integrated competition law practice platform that serves clients’ needs both locally and globally. The Firms addresses client needs in all dimensions of competition and anti-trust law. We handle briefs on mergers, acquisitions, and disposal of companies, shareholdings, businesses, and assets. We also represent client interests before the Competition Authority of Kenya and the Competition Tribunal.

Employment And Labour Laws

The Firm partners with its clients to ensure that they meet their legal compliance obligations as well as assist them in finding solutions for disputes and management of employment risks. It also provides legal advice and representation to individual clients in matters of employment law. We are also involved from time to time in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and settlement of employer-employee disputes.

Intellectual Property Right

The Firm is well versed in the practice of intellectual property law. We represent clients ranging from local to large multinational companies. Our experience covers the entire spectrum of intellectual property law and practice. We are involved in a range of IP areas, including disputes and litigation, commercial transactions, general advisory work as well as intellectual property rights audits.

Banking and Finance

The Firm has established itself as a reliable, efficient, and experienced service provider in the Banking and Finance law legal practice. The Firm acts for a wide range of clients, especially banks, financial and mortgage institutions, micro-finance institutions, public corporations, and other lending institutions in all aspects of law and practice relating to lending, credit, and securities, drafting offer letters, drawing, and perfecting securities.

Property Law

The Firm has distinguished itself as a leasing property law Firm. We act for a wide range of clients ranging from individual to corporate to statutory bodies in property law matters. We also act for government agencies in the areas of Compulsory Acquisition or eminent domain. The Firm is frequently engaged by statutory bodies in the acquisition of rights of way through easements for infrastructure projects.

Public Procurement Law

The Firm acknowledges the key function that procurement and particularly public procurement plays in the management of resources and the economy in general. The Firm provides advice to a diverse range of clients on the requirements and compliance factors under the procurement laws as promulgated under the Constitutional values and principles and more particularly the Public Procurement and Assets Disposal Act, 2015 and the Regulations thereunder.

Corporate Law Governance & Legal Risk Assessment

The Firm’s offers Corporate Law and Governance services to its clients. We have in-house company secretarial services. The Firm assists its clients in ensuring that they meet their legal and statutory compliance requirements. We further provide corporate governance and audit services as well as legal audits. We also provide legal due diligence and investment advise to potential investor clients.

Tax Law

The Firm provides advice to clients on tax matters and more particularly on tax legislation, their tax obligations, payment timelines, and penalties for non-payment of tax. We also represent clients in litigation of tax disputes as well as following up on tax refunds and rebates from the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Litigation And Dispute Resolution

The Firm has distinguished itself as a top litigation firm. With its qualified arbitrators and mediators who offer resolution alternative dispute resolution, they oversee the clients' settle the matters outside of court as well as completing the Court matters within the shortest time possible while taking cognizance of the fact the Courts have an ultimate say on the timelines.

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